Friday, September 5, 2014

Getting through grief.... the loss of a family pet

It's me Toby!

Yup, a dog with a blog!

I once heard that animals don't live as long as humans cuz the work we have to do on the planet (being man's best friend, changing the world with luv and unconditionally accepting people) is important work...but work that takes a lot of our energy. So... we are here for a while and make a difference....then we gather over the rainbow bridge to play.

Dealing with the loss of a pet is difficult.

For many children, the first loss they deal with is their pet.

Experiences are like footprints in our future....

How you handle it helps shape how kids deal with loss in their future.

Mom and her radio guest Margot talk about this on PAWsitive Radio

Here's a few tips to help your family cope with an aging pet, or pet loss...

1) Journal or write a letter to your dog
2) Talk about it
3) Allow yourself to feel and experience grief
4) Surround yourself with a support system
5) Children can draw pictures of their pet

Listen to the conversation....Mom and Margo talk about more tips on PAWsitive Radio -

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  1. Yes, also an online memorial like the kind at Forever Fluffy ( can help with the grief process.