Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pet Proofing Your Home for the HOWLidays

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 Toby the dog here.


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It's Wellness Wednesday on Mom's PAWSitive Radio. The PAWlidays are right around the corner. We'll be talking (well I'll be barking in the background) about how to pet proof your home for the HOWLidays.  You can listen in here:

And don't forget to take notes, and get your kids involved.

 Mom's guest Amy Shojai is a certified animal behavior consultant, and the award-winning author of 30 best selling pet books that cover furry babies to old-fogies, first aid to natural healing, and behavior/training to Chicken Soup-icity. She created the site as the Puppies Expert and was the cat behavior expert at  She’s been a consultant to the pet products industry and a host/program consultant for select “furry” TV projects. 

How pawsome that she was on the show!

Now these ornaments may look pawsome but....

They can be dangerous for your pets.  Please keep them well out of reach.

Here's a few tips from Amy:

Be aware that trees may make us want to "mark our territory"
so your presents could get soaked....

Also, if your pets are like me, I LUV opening mail and presents....even when they aren't for me... just be aware. 

More Amy Wisdom...

1) Walk around on all fours to see your house as us dogs and cats see it.  Remove hazards and dangers.
2) Be aware of food you have set out. Some might be toxic for animals.
3)  Let visitors know the pet rules while visiting.

Here's a few of my fave Toby's Picks:

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