Thursday, December 18, 2014

Saving The Planet With Poop Bags!

Photo Credit Team Toby

It's Me.... Toby the Dog....

Photo Credit Team Toby 
And I'm a dog on a mission to build a kinder world for people, pets and our planet!

The Original Poop Bags is helping us with that mission.

They were one of our partners on our PAWS Across Canada tour.

Mom loves the poop bags....she says they are Toby Tested and Toby Approved!

She loves that they don't tear or smell.

The Poop Bag Cannister is made with 38% corn!

Holy corn kernels that is pawsome!

Some days are a two (or three) bagger day... not all my fault tho!

Mom and dad are always cleaning up other dog's messes left in the parks.  Thank goodness there are lots of bags on a roll for days like this.

One of the things we learned on our tour was that many parks, walking paths even dog parks have limited or no garbage cans.  We LUV it when communities provide garbage cans so that everyone can pitch in and help keep our communities and dog parks clean.

Mom interviewed Paul Cannella the owner and founder of the Original Poop Bags on her PAWsitive Radio show.  Check out what Paul had to say here!

or here....

Check Out Pets Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with PAWsitive Radio on BlogTalkRadio

After speaking with Paul, mom talked about building PAWsitive collaborations like the one we have with The Original Poop Bags:

1) Build relationships
2) Keep commitments
3) Recognize your champions for them
4) Communicate often
5) Look for other creative ways to expand the partnership....
and I say Have Fun!

Until next time....

Let's be kind to one another.

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