Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tails of Help... making life better for animals in need

Toby the dog here!

I'm a dog on a kindness mission and I LUV to blog!

I LUV blogging about kindness, PAWsitive stories and
making the world a better place!

Mum’s friend, Beth Castle, (who is a big dog lover and also a professional speaker and author), approached mom a while back to collaborate to support the Tails of Help foundation in Alberta through my books!  

Beth has been a big champion for me and my books, and has selling our book On Toby’s Terms and donating the proceeds of the booksales to the Tails of Help.

What is the Tails of Help?  Tails of Help is a volunteer-driven registered charity and they are committed to helping Albertan pets in need. They are approved by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association,  and help fund essential veterinary care for ill or injured pets when their humans are unable to cover the costs due to financial hardship. This organization's goal is all about keeping family pets healthy and with their loving humans!  This organization is doing fantastic work and we wanted to recognize them and especially acknowledge  Beth for all she does to help pets and humans be healthy!  You are PAWSome Beth!!

Here's some adorable pics of Beth's fur babies

Photo Credit: Beth Castle
The batman picture is PAWSome!!

Photo Credit Beth Castle

Here's a big slobbery kiss from me to you!

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