Friday, April 27, 2012

Radio Show Brings Toby's Story to Life

Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Dr. Jim Sutton, of the Changing Behavior Network. This was my second interview; the first was about my book Bounce Forward. This radio interview was about my book On Toby’s Terms, and the story of Toby, our dog. I love to share Toby’s story, some of my greatest lessons in life came through this incredible dog.

The interview with Jim actually brought me to tears at two points. His questions and the way he summarized key points from the story were so eloquently phrased and tugged at the heart- and made a connecting bridge between the author, the listener, the interviewer and the story. At one point in the interview Jim read from my book. As an author, hearing someone read your words aloud is incredibly impactful.

Our discussions about the lessons learned from changing our dog’s behavior through training and a volunteer job as a pet assisted therapy dog helped provide tips for changing our own behavior as people. For example, with Toby, we knew we needed to be patient and work with him, that change would not be overnight. The same applies to humans, as much as we would like change to be fast (and relatively pain free), it takes time and effort. We also talked about persistence, and not giving up. As with the wise words of Winston Churchill “We will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up!"

Enjoy the discussions and radio show with Dr. Jim Sutton here:

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