Sunday, April 29, 2012

From The Doghouse to the Big Screen

Dogs inspire us!  I now know and believe that animals, just like people, show up in our life when we need them most (even when we don't know we need them). That's how it was for us and Toby. This gorgeous Chesapeake Bay retriever showed up in our life, when we needed some change. Not only did he shake up our world and toss it around, he inspired a lot of growth and change (and some new renovations to the parts of the house he destroyed).

Toby looking very proud after he emptied the closet.
His turnaround from the dog that rearranged furniture, emptied our closets, broke toilet tank lids to the dog that brought joy and laughter to those in the hospital (as a pet assisted therapy dog) was so inspiring to me I wrote a story called Volunteering from the Heart for Chicken Soup for the Soul (It is Story number 72).

Going on book tours with Toby, and our continued lessons of love, life and purpose inspired me to write On Toby's Terms, which is in development to become a major motion picture!  How exciting is this!! Literally, Toby has gone from the doghouse to the big screen!  Our journey with him has not only inspired us, but has impacted thousands of children and adults around the world. 

To find out more about the movie On Toby's Terms, and how you can get involved, visit:

To learn more about how Toby inspired me to write, check out this blog with Beachbound Books:

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