Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rescues are PAWsome!

Toby was a rescue dog, from NASAP http://www.nasap.ca/, and was five years old when we adopted him. We have enjoyed being able to support rescues through hosting book and speaking events and joint fundraisers, drawing awareness to their cause, and sharing Toby’s phenomenal story. He is a great example of a rescue success!  Here is one of the first photos of Toby when he joined our family. He was a dog who lived life big…. And of course On Toby’s Terms.
This weekend I had a fun interview with Eileen Proctor, The Top Dog, about rescue dogs, then spoke with Lillian Brummet on her radio show about how you can help your local rescue origination this spring.  Here’s what we came up with:
  •        Stop by and have a visit, meet the staff and volunteers and the animals
  •        Volunteer as a pet walker at a rescue, this can be a family affair
  •        When you are spring cleaning, check with your local rescue organization to see if they are in need of old towels, blankets and cleaning supplies
  •        Next time you are grocery shopping, pick up a few extra cans of food
  •        Collect your change and every month drop it by the shelter
  •        Help spread the word about animals in need of adoption
  •        Donate your garage sale proceeds to a rescue organization

You can enjoy the interview I did with Eileen Proctor, the top dog here:

Here is the interview about rescue dogs and how we can support rescues in our communities:

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