Monday, September 24, 2012

Healing our animals...

Belinda is an re-connective healing expert and works with animals not to treat symptoms, but to treat the whole animal. Belinda mentioned that many animals actually mirror their guardian’s illness and disease.

Researching and studying the ancient Hawaiian healing practices has been a passion of Belinda’s and about 15 years ago, this impacted her life in a very positive way. We talked about the power of re-connective healing, and what is so incredible is that the healer does not actually physically touch the animal. The healing occurs by being present and using deep empathy and helping the animal to get into an extremely calm state. Belinda talked about some incredible examples of animals who in 1-3 sessions, experienced dramatic improvements in their health. This form of healing can also reduce anxiety and depression in animals, and is extremely beneficial for animals who have experienced trauma .

Imagine if all animals had this sense of joy and peace...

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all shelter animals had the opportunity to experience this type of transformational healing?

To learn more about re-connective healing, and Belinda Farrell, visit:

And, Listen to the amazing interview with expert and healer, Belinda Farrell, you will love her story about swimming with the dolphins (a lot of them).

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