Monday, September 3, 2012

The Rockin' Rescuer Award

The Rockin' Rescuer Award

Animal Communicator Reisa Stone is also a passionate animal rescuer. She's offering a day of training to help another rescuer awaken their intuitive gifts.  She's looking for an outstanding individual.

You may be a shelter volunteer, a wildlife rehabber, or someone who quietly takes in strays and finds them good forever homes. You can't imagine not acting in the face of animal suffering, and you wish you could hear their sweet voices.

The Rockin' Rescuer Award will go to one particularly effective rescuer who wants to learn Animal Communication. The Award winner will be granted a day of learning at the Vancouver Talking With Animals workshop, plus a follow up call. This is a full scholarship.

Wondering how to Apply?

Submit a short essay describing your rescue work. 500 words or less. Reisa is looking for sincerity, and effectiveness as a rescuer, not professional writing. Write from your heart. Describe how you think Animal Communication would benefit your work.

Full application details here:

 The Deadline is September 12th for the September 22nd workshop.

Want to hear some wisdom from Reisa Mary Stone? Check out her interview with PAWsitive Radio:

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