Monday, September 17, 2012

Snake Avoidance Training for Dogs

Oh no! My dog has been bitten by a snake! What do I do?

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Would you know what to do if your dog was bitten by a snake while out for a Sunday walk?  My guest, Karen Singleton  helped answer that very question on PAWsitive Radio- all things pets, which is my weekly radio show. 

Karen lives in Chino, CA with her 17 year old son Dean and her yellow Lab “Nala” and her Runt-weiler “Bruno”. Karen has been a Trainer and Dog and Cat Behavior Consultant since 1977, and is an expert on Snake Avoidance Training for Your Dog!  You can find out more about Karen and the training programs at: Website:

The first step in avoiding snake bites is to become informed. Take a course, read up on the subject, and plan your hikes in advance. The second tip is to have a snake bite emergency kit with you when hiking in the bush. The third great tip was that if your dog has been bitten, carry the dog back to the vehicle or immediately to help. If the dog is walking, it expedites the reaction and puts the dog at further risk. 

Listen to the other great tips Karen shares at:

Please feel free to share this link with others, let's get the word out there. Awareness saves lives!

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