Thursday, September 13, 2012

Holidaying with Your Pet Checklist:

Holidaying with Your Pet Checklist:

We travelled a great deal with our dog Toby, always by car. And before I created a checklist, we always forgot something at home. This is how we ended up with too many brushes, duplicates of toys and harnesses.

Here is a checklist we put together to help us prepare and pack for roadtrips:

____Letter from Vet showing all vaccinations are up to date and notices of medications pet is on and health issues (we kept one copy of this in car, and one with our passports so it was with us at all times), also great information to type into your phone
____Emergency Contact Numbers (e.g. Vet, trainer, etc)

____ Leash (and spare one in backpack in car)
____ Walking Harness
____ Dog Tag (on collar) with Phone number

____Toby's blanket/bed 
____ Food and water dish
____ Food and treats
____ Poop bags
____ Dish soap
____ Towel

____ Balls and Kong for fetch
____ Frisbee
____ Stuffed animal

____ Brush
____ Shampoo

___ List of pet friendly hotels

____ Toby's Life Vest
____ Toby's snow footwear

We also had a backpack that was stocked with a few toys, a baggie of dog treats, poop bags, a brush, a leash, a collapsible water dish and some paper towels. And always had water in the vehicle. You never know when there may be a road side emergency.  In our trunk we also had an emergency blanket, first aid kit and survival kit.

Safety First! Toby the dog in his Outward Hound Life Preserver.

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