Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Extraordinary Dogs!

Toby the dog can be described in many ways...
  • A dog who left pawprints on hearts everywhere

  • A dog who had a fetish for breaking toilet tank lids

  • A dog who went to jail to raise money for kids in need

  • A dog who frequently trapped himself in closets, bathrooms and any room with a door

  • A dog who was so in love with life he would bark at pretty much everything

….A therapy dog

…..The star of a book and upcoming

…..The dog who taught me how to be a better person….

And, and Extra -Ordinary dog!

Here I am sharing Toby's story on  Extraordinary Women TV


Talking about the inspiration to write about Toby the dog, how his story became a published book, and a soon to be motion picture. Learn how a dog who was once unruly and breaking everything in his path, became a trusted confident, an inspiration and confidence builder for patients living in a mental health facility. Host Shannon Skinner interviews Charmaine Hammond, international speaker, best selling author ("On Toby's Terms") and champion for community service. Charmaine's book "On Toby's Terms" quickly become a runaway success and will be made into a Hollywood feature film. (Interview date: June 27, 2011)

Find out more about charmaine at www.hammondgroup.biz

To learm more about Toby, check out his other videos, and follow www.ontobysterms.com or his blog http://tobytalesblog.blogspot.ca/

What makes your pet ExtraOrdinary?
Share your stories with us... we would love to feature you pet on Toby's blog and radio show.

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