Monday, October 29, 2012

One blanket Can Save Two Lives

Did you know that donating one blanket to a shelter can save two lives? It is likely that the one dog will be adopted and when that happens, another dog can await finding their forever family.  Snugly blankets make dogs more adoptable!
While on a book tour, we took a break to have Toby spread the word about a local Sedona AZ Humane Society Program

Eileen Smulson was our guest on PAWsitive Radio All Things Pets, and I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing her.  She is the founder and President of Operation Blankets of Live, an award winning nonprofit public charity.  They collect and distribute recycled and new pet related items to comfort stray, sick neglected and abused homeless animals in shelters, rescue groups, sanctuaries and foster groups.
They are also an Emergency Response Team that partners with those organizations who provide relief and comfort to animals that are displaced or endangered by catastrophe.
Her adopted dog Ginger was the inspiration for her to start this charity. She wanted to make sure that every homeless pet had warmth and comfort by having a blanket to snuggle in while waiting to be adopted by a loving family and forever home. 

So one blanket really does save two lives. The research is showing that shelters who have snugly blankets for animals instead of cement floors are more adoptable. And the impacts on the animal of course are extremely positive. 

Operation Blankets of Love hosts blanket drives and also does presentations in schools and to children and youth programs. They also engage schools in blanket drives, which is a very positive learning experience for children to be engaged in animal kindness and making a difference. 

Listen to the incredible things Operation Blankets of Love are doing:

·         How could you host a blanket and towel drive?
·         How could you support your local animal shelter?

It starts with sharing the message.  Then by taking action.

thank you Eileen for all you do to positively impact shelters, and the many animals awaiting a forever family!

 Find out more about Operation Blankets of Love at:

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