Friday, July 11, 2014

Secret Suppers and Shopping Trips... PAWs Across Canada tour

When mom told me she was invited to a secret supper, I was jelous.
and Then
I found out I was the guest of honour!
Double WOOF!!!!

Toby the dog with a blog here.  Today I am writing about our Secret Supper with Sara and Annie of Transform Travel

so here's some of mom's pics from the Secret Supper.  we didn't know the location until the day before.... it was beyond PAWsome!!!

got to go on a Ferry to get there....

photo credit Team Toby

Then we arrived to the secret location in Deep Cove on Vancouver Island....

WOOF!  total Pawsomeness.
Photo Credit Team Toby

Photo Credit Team Toby

I took a sneak peek at everything while they were setting up....
check it out!

Photo Credit Team Toby

Chef Michael made an amazing meal....
Here's some of the guests enjoying good conversation while I am off chasing birds and barking at the air!
Photo Credit Team Toby

Check them out being interviewed by SHAW Go Island! 

This was such a PAWSome event during our PAWs Across Canada Tour in Victoria, BC.

You can book your own Secret Supper through Transform Travel. Tell them Toby gives them Four PAWS UP!!

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