Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If Animals Could Talk….wait a minute, maybe they can!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kerri Lake, who is a conduit for interspecies communication. Kerri shared that throughout her life she has been aware of various levels of communication between people and animals and has developed both her own ability to communicate as well as her ability to guide others through their natural abilities as well. Through Kerri’s incredible communication skills, she facilitates a space of no judgment, where healing and growth on all levels can and does take place. Her presence and guidance invite a sense of harmony, a tangible feeling of being at home within ourselves and with all of life.

What was so interesting during this interview were the parallels between Kerri describing the communication between animals and humans, and amongst humans. For example, Kerri stated that with animals, it confuses them when your actions, and emotions and words are not congruent. She gave an example of a person riding a horse, and the rider was giving the command for the horse to go straight, however the horse stayed still. Kerri asked the rider to consider if he/she was fearful of riding, or was content to stay where they were. The animal was listening to the energy and the emotion of the person, not so much the words.

Here is Toby and I with singer Rick Springfield... I am sure is just wanting the teddy bear that is sitting on the table (that he already "borrowed" from Rick several times by the time this photo was taken.

I certainly noticed this with our dog Toby on many occasions. He seemed to intuitive and connected to people that he often reacted not to what we said but to what had changed or what was being communicated emotionally.

Toby enjoying the connection with children at the 2010 Dogs with Jobs presentation at K9 Awareness Centre in St. Albert, Alberta Canada
Kerri explained that animals are who they are all the time, unlike people who often act differently or have a different intention or expectation than the one they communicate.

Toby being 100% present, and noticing all his favorite toys in the Pet Smart Store

One key is to simple be present. Then to be open. And to notice.

To listen to more of Kerri’s great explanations of animal/human communication, and how we can learn from how animals communicated, follow:

To find out more about Toby follow:

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