Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dogs That Live BIG Lives!

I read A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz, shortly after our precious Toby passed away. As Dean described the story of his incredible dog Trixie, I found myself reflecting upon and smiling at the treasured moments I had with our Toby. Both Dean and I agree that dogs bring their family unconditional love, pure acceptance, and some great memories.  Both Trixie, and Toby lived BIG lifes, and have quite the legacy!

After reading the book, I sent Dean Koontz a copy of my book, On Toby's Terms, and I received back a signed copy of his book with a beautiful inscription and personalized note.  This was quite an honour to say the least.

Dean Koontz does so much to support animal organizations and charities, in addition to being a phenomenal author. 
How are you capturing your moments of your pet living his/her BIG LIFE?  I would love to hear how you capture the treasured moments.

To order your copy of A Big Little Life, a book I recommend highly (or as my dog loving friends would say.... Four PAWS UP book), visit:

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  1. That is so awesome! My dogs may not have touched as many people as your Toby or as Trixie but they all had as great of an impact on my life. We are so lucky to have been given such precious gifts from God.