Wednesday, May 16, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things.....

Toby loved to chase his orange Kong
This one floated which was great for us, we didn't have to rescue the Kong
because it never sunk!

One of my favorite dog accessories was this plastic container that clip to Toby’s dog leash. It held one roll of “pooper scooper” bags.

I can’t get over the cost for the refill bags, $120 bags for less then $7!

Toby was a very strong dog, however fortunately for us, he was a good walker.  We loved the Easy Walk Leash becuase it is safe, doesn't harm the dog and provides the handler with good control of the dog in a gentle way. 

You might be wondering what Toby is so focussed on here.  He is waiting until we say "take it" so that he can have his squeeky bowling pins.  They sound just like a duck.  He had a set that were blue. Check out this video and see his excitement (and the great duck noises he was able to make).

Long Bowling (see video of news)

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