Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Day in The Dog of the Day’s Life!

Our dog, Toby was showcased as the Dog of the Day on Sunday, May 27.  What a beautiful way to celebrate his life, and his legacy. Take a look at the beautiful posting that Pet of the Day wrote up about Toby:

Toby on one of his favorite days.... Wednesdays
The day he volunteered as an animal assisted therapy dog.
A day in the life of Toby sort of went like this:

  • Wake up, big stretch, smile
  • Happy dance and half somersault (they still aren't getting up and out of bed yet....)
  • A louder happy dance and dropping a wet tennis ball or goobered stuffed teddy on their face ( they are awake)
  • Two feet on the bed and big wet kisses
  • Bark at the sunshine, the air, leaves blowing down the street
  • Wolf down breakfast... don't waste a's time to play
  • Find the Kong, Frisbee and tennis ball (so they have a selection to throw to me)
  • Share some more love and wet kisses
  • Bark at the birds, the air, the sunshine.  What a great day!
  • Quick nap in the sun.
  • Nudge the books on the coffee table and lock myself in the bathroom.
  • Flip the toilet seat up and down until help arrives.
  • Share more love and wet kisses.
  • Quick nap
  • And the day and evening pretty much goes that way. A happy, loving, playful dog who seemed to bring 100% of himself to the world every day.
So much to learn from our animals.  The following day, the Pet of the Day wrote a beautiful review about his books, you can read it here:
Wishing you a playful, loving and purposeful week!

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