Thursday, May 24, 2012

Top Dog Visits PAWsitive Radio

Whose the top dog at your house?

Toby was the Top Dog in our home, and of course, it was on his terms.... hence the name of my book, On Toby's Terms

Toby- what a smile!  A dog who lived life big, and loved even bigger

Another Top Dog, Eileen Proctor, was a guest on my radio show PAWsitive Radio and what a PAWsome guest she was!  Eileen offered great tips for listeners about animal behaviour, making our yards safe for our pets, and handling holidays with pets.  Check out the great tips below, or listen to the radio show at:

Eileen Proctor- The Top Dog!
For additional information about The Top Dog,

Tips from Eileen:
- Set rules and parameters for your pet, then ensure family and visitors follow the rules too!
- Be consistent
- Ensure you provide bonding time- this could happen through quality play time, training, etc.
- Socialize your pet
- Do your research before adopting a pet, choose the right pet to become your FURever Family member
- Training is for the family and the pet
- Pet proof the yard (check that plants are animal safe, avoid fertilizers that are harmful to pets, make sure your pet is not outside when cutting the lawn (rocks can shoot out from lawnmower and harm pet)
- Enjoy the moments that our furry friends give us.

As the pioneer of the dog daycare industry within Phoenix's Valley of the Sun in October 2000, national Pet Lifestyle Expert Top Dog Eileen Proctor has been privileged to become "Aunt Eileen" to thousands of K-9 Kids, bestowing biscuits, balls and bellyrubs to mixed breed and purebred puppies, adult and advanced-age dogs alike.  This unique and extensive "paws-on" experience... coupled with her steadfast commitment to and involvement with dozens of animal welfare organizations, has earned Eileen the titles of America’s Canine Connections Coach and The Voice of Pet Rescue. The Top Dog is a coveted national media personality, professional speaker, published author of “Top Dog’s Top Tips for Tip Top Dog Care: What Your Best Friend Wants You To Know”, as well as the inimitably charismatic and infotaining host of Blogtalk radio’s FURvently Speaking.

You can listen to PAWsitive Radio every Saturday at 3 pm MST at:

If you can't join us live, no problem, you can click the link and listen to the down load. Don't forget to click the "Follow" button under Toby's picture on the blog talk radio link, then you will receive emails of the upcoming shows.  And, click this blog to follow the blog. 

Toby's website is

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