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PAWsitive Radio- Line Up of Animal Experts, Pet Lovers and More!

YES! Radio is going to the dogs…and the cats… and the gerbils and budgies. PAWsitive Radio- all things pets, hosted by CharmaineHammond and Team Toby, bring together conversations of kindness, acceptance and respect,  the lessons animal teach humans and how people can apply this in their own personal and professional life.
PAWsitive Radio airs weekly on Blog Talk Radio...a global internet based radio platform

Hammond launched PAWsitive Radio show over 1 ½ years  ago and has never looked back.  “The show is a powerful way to connect the animal stories and lessons to our personal and professional lives. In fact, our dog Toby taught me so much about how to show up as my best version of myself, that I also wrote several books about him, and, weave these stories into the presentations and training programs on resilience and bully prevention. PAWsitive Radio is another way of sharing these stories, and, connect experts in the animal world to families with pets. The show helps me fulfill Team Toby’s mission of improving lives by teaching kindness, acceptance and respect.”

PAWsitive Radio- all things Pets! has a great 
fall lineup of guests:

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October 15, 2013 guest Trevor (Trevor the Pet Guy) and president of whiskerDocs  is a sought after media guest talking and   animal behavior expert on topics such as dog flipping, bringing home a new puppy, the pethuman emotional connection, selecting the right pet for your family and more. 

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October 29, 2013  guest Lynn Molnar is the president of Thankful Paws. It was her compassion for pets and people that led her to establish the first ever mobile food bank for pets in Maryland. Under her leadership, Thankful Paws has expanded its services to include the first ever hotline for homeless people with pets. In less than two years, Lynn has helped distribute nearly 30 tons of pet food.  

Photo Credit: Jean Holmes
November 5, 2013, Guest Jean Holmes, author of Do Dogs Go To Heaven,  a veterinarian's daughter, whose mom raised and showed AKC Dachshunds, Jean has never been without at least one pet, from horses to crows.  When her mother lived with her and began asking ministers if dogs went to heaven, she began collecting information which resulted in her first published book.   "Do Dogs Go to Heaven? Eternal Answers for Animal Lovers" was the result.  The second edition came out in 2012.

Coming Up soon:

Guest  Marilyn Dickie, author of With Hope They Waited, which shares the story of rescue at Mile 26. Somewhere between 100 & 200 dogs had been orphaned when their only human caretaker died in a cabin fire. He lived in the bush along the railroad tracks, north of Cochrane Ontario, where the only access was by train. The names and contact information of a few of the rescues involved, and a Facebook page were given out where the public could find out what they could do to help. On that day, their lives took another turn and have never been the same.

Guest Jeanne E Sexson will be talking about her website Stop Chasing Your Own Tail- our dogs, our friends, our teachers. Jeanne is a  national motivational speaker and author who combines her love and respect for animals and a fascination with how they respond to their experiences. She has found this gratifying to note how the quality of her life has been enhanced by the lessons they have taught, and continue to teach, her.  As a sculptor, she created the Best Friends Collection – small sculptures capturing those irresistible moments of joy when we allow ourselves to simply live in the moment and feel the unconditional love of our furry buddies.

Charmaine Hammond, host of PAWsitive Radio show is a professional speaker and has interviewed more than 300 guests on her shows. She is a Blog Talk Radio featured host, and her show PAWsitive Radio also airs on Dog Works Radio channel. 

Christopher Alcock, CEO and Top Dog of Team Toby

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