Saturday, October 19, 2013

Brain Development for Healthy Children- resilience and more.

 My pet mom’s taking over my blog today.
My Mom...Charmaine Hammond and I

She watched this pawsome video by Alberta Family Wellness that talks about brain development for kids. 

It’s pretty technical so she’ll finish the blog and I’m off to play fetch.

Toby’s right, this four minute video is full of important information to help parents give their child have healthy brain development.  The video talks about the importance of the type, quality and frequency of interactions with young children and how these can contribute to and build a “healthy brain architecture.”  You can watch the short video here:

What I really appreciated was their message about the destructive impacts of unhealthy stress in the family (such as bullying, addictions, emotional outbursts, etc.). How you show up in life matters, and makes a difference (a positive one or negative one).  Here at Team Toby, we are on a mission to show up in life in a way that makes a PAWsitive difference, and to improve lives by teaching kindness, acceptance and respect.  This includes helping workplaces communicate respectfully and clearly, build healthy teams to support professional relationships, peacefully resolve conflicts and address issues with dignity and integrity.  In families and schools, it is our goal to teach these same principles.  

From having worked as a Correctional Officer then later as a mediator, I saw first hand the power, and positive (even life changing in some cases) outcomes that resulted from the treatment of kindness, acceptance and respect.  And of course I saw the other side too... the devastating impacts of abuse, aggression, and bullying, 

October is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Let's help children build healthy futures by supporting healthy brain development.  Together we can make a difference!

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