Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Max A Pooch- Black Dog Gone Green

Toby the Dog here... welcome to my PAWsitive Blog! Here's the latest news from mom and I and our PAWsitive Radio Show:
Me...Toby the Dog and mom, Charmaine Hammond hosts of PAWsitive Radio!

Mom and I interviewed Keith Sanderson, Founder and President of Max A Pooch.  
Max a Pooch the recycling dog and Keith.

 Max A Pooch is one awesome dog!  Keith, his pet dad, has trained him to recycle! I want to learn that. He knows the difference between litter and recyclables, and can even go find Keiths' slippers and sunglasses.  Way to go Max for helping our world get a little greener! Four Paws up from us.

Mom and Keith also talked about how Max A Pooch got his name, this is quite the story... you really must listen to Keith tell this story:

I Loved the part where Keith and mom talked about how us animals are great teachers for you humans and how dogs need a purpose too.  Keith is an advocate for animals, he is helping save animals by writing articles, sharing his corporate world experience with non profits, and, sharing information about the great services like rescues, shelters, and more.  Keith also is bringing some of the animal protection and welfare cases to the public. The more people that know about some of the animal mistreatment that goes on, the more we can work together to make a kind, respectful and accepting world.  Max A Pooch is doing a PAWsome job... let's help him out!

Until next blog... let's be kind to one another.

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