Friday, January 17, 2014

Animals can prevent stress

Woof!  Toby the dog here!

Sometimes you just need to take a break... we all need breaks... pets and humans!

 Mom interviewed her friend and stress expert Dr. Ganz Ferrance, check it out here:

Here's what I say about how animals reduce stress:
  1. We have no hangups about taking a nap. We take guilt free naps (but often sleep with one ear open so we don't miss anything)
  2. We play...physical exercise reduces stress.  When you play with your pet it is stress reduction x2!
  3. We know what you humans need....a good laugh (so we entertain you), a cuddle or simply sleeping at your feet while you watch TV or work on the computer.

 I was listening in to mom and Dr Ganz talk about stress, he said:
  • get enough sleep
  • eat healthy
  • change your mindset
  • communicate clearly and resolve conflict
  • feed the other aspects of your life (family, relationships, hobbies) etc.
You can list to Dr Ganz's tips here!

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