Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Support the Underdog! That's what Project Blue Collar does!

Carole Feeny and Kristin Waters from Project Blue Collar were guests on PAWsitive Radio show, hosted by Team Toby!.

 This is our Toby sporting one of the Project Blue Collars and showing how much we love how Project Blue Collar is doing to save lives.
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Project Blue Collar – Support the Underdog™ is a movement to publicly identify and celebrate the rescue dog. Changing the perception of shelter dogs from being damaged to being priceless. It’s a way to share stories and educate and inspire others to give shelter dogs a chance.
Every time you see a Support the Underdog™Blue Collar, you’ll know that another underdog became a hero. A moment of recognition is created, common ground is discovered, and a conversation is started. That’s how movements are born – one conversation at a time – and change begins to happen. They are committed to donating a portion of our profits to animal shelters and rescue groups. Every purchase from Project Blue Collar - Support the Underdog™ matters. It’s that simple.  Website:  www.projectbluecollar.com

Toby with his serious face... and his blue collar  www.Theoriginalteamtoby.com
 We all know that animals connect people and Kristin and Carole stated that the blue collars are a real conversation starter!  It provides a launch pad for pet families to share stories, how their dog came to be a family member, and funny stories about their pets. 

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