Saturday, January 25, 2014

Will my pet insurance cover my pet if THIS happens?

This is a question that Laura Bennett and her team at Embrace Pet Insurance respond to every day.

Laura stated that understanding your policy, what it cover (AND what it doesn't) is important in ensuring the best for your pet.  Many families who adopted a pet with an unknown health history worry they won't be able to access health insurance for their pet. Laura suggested that families carefully check out the plans available to them. Embrace insurance does cover these situations, and use the recent health examine to help determine the pet's health history. 

Laura Bennett is the CEO and Co-Founder of Embrace Pet Insurance Laura developed the actuarial models behind the leading edge customizable pet insurance product, allowing the pet parent to choose her own product features to suit her own budget.

Laura Bennett- Embrace Pet Insurance (photo credit)

Pet insurance has saved lives. There are many cases of pets that have faced severe health issues and in many cases without the insurance, the family would not have been able to afford the necessary treatment.
Pet insurance can provide pets with the care they need, and peace of mind for the pet family.

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