Monday, January 20, 2014

Dog gives book signing tips to authors!

Here's a few tips for authors on creating great book signing events:

Toby PAWtographing a book for Ron at SCRIPPS Hospital San Diego www.TheOriginalTeam

1)  Have a banner like this one, it can be seen from far away and attracts attention.

2) Video your events. Check out this great video of Toby PAWtographing books, and the great reaction from kids. Make your event memorable...create an experience

  Check out Toby PAWtographing books at Chapters Bookstore in Canada!

3) Take photos of the event, and photos with you and your guests with your book... it creates an experience that is appreciated by your readers and is great for your marketing.

Toby at Chapters signing

On our author blog we have a number of blogs, videos and resources to help authors sell more books and create events that creates fans, builds your platform and has books flying off the shelves.

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