Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Daily Rounds of Molly the Hound

What does your dog get up to when you are not looking?

What are the habits and routines your dog follows?

Toby has some interesting ones.  Before he lies down on his mat he circles five or six times to ensure he lands exactly in the right place.  And, when he catches his kong...he runs back to the place the kong first landed (almost as if he is checking to make sure he got it all).       Photo Credit: Team Toby

Ed Payne shared a wonderful story about his dog Molly who is the star of his book,The Daily Rounds of a Hound.  

Ed said the inspiration to write the book came from Molly, their adopted dog who shortly after bringing her home from the shelter, gave birth to nine pups.  He and his wife went from one dog to ten dogs in a few short weeks.  A loving FURever home was found for each pup, and Molly became the heartbeat at Ed's feet, giving him much to wonder about as she would sneak off on a secret mission.   
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