Saturday, October 17, 2015

3rd Avenue Businesses 4 Paws Up for Kindness!

There is a beautiful quote that says "It takes a community to raise a child" and the kindness of local businesses on third street in North Vancouver have helped us in creating a kinder community during our Million Acts of Kindness Tour.

Prior to leaving on our Million Acts of Kindness Tour we decided to take a walk down to two businesses on 3rd Avenue in North Vancouver that we love.

Mom always goes to Escape Hair and Body to get her hair done.  Not only do they do an awesome job, there is always great conversation there!

...and....I get my hair done at Bark Avenue Grooming and Bath.  
I love that they have squeaky toys... I love squeaky toys...... I realllllly love squeaky toys.....

I was so relaxed and zenned out after my pawsome spa......just like mom is after she gets her hair done!

Stella owns Escape Hair and Body, and is a huge champion for my books and our kindness tour!  She made a donation so we could provide some schools with my books!  Thank you for the kindness Stella and Escape Hair and Body!

Bark Avenue Grooming and Bath has been doing the Twoonie for Team Toby, raising funds in the spa which also support local schools.

We are so excited this week to go and pay forward the kindness from these two amazing businesses and surprise some schools with books. 

Thank you to Bark Avenue and Escape Hair and Body for all you do for the community!  You make a difference.

What an incredible journey our six week Million Acts of Kindness tour was.  We travelled in the Kindness RV, sponsored by Fraserway RV.

This tour was on our bucket list.... what's on your travel bucket list?  Check out Canadian Traveller and share what your travel bucket list items are, and see what others are doing to make their travel dreams come true.

Thank you all from mom, dad and I:

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