Monday, October 5, 2015

Million Acts of Kindness stops in Edmonton and meets a life size Beaver?

Edmonton was a special stop on the Million Acts of Kindness tour because Charmaine had spent 10 years living just outside of the city in Sherwood Park. 

We had spent the better part of 4 days in the city, and enjoyed a well deserved couple of days off. I had the luxury of staying at the Matrix Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Edmonton. The hotel itself was quite beautifully decorated, having a modern and upscale design. The rooms were absolutely beautiful, contemporary styled and convenient, as they had multiple easily accessible plugs for laptops and cell phone chargers. It was very obvious that this hotel had been made with business people in mind. I also enjoyed the scenic view of the city from my 15th story window! 

Charmaine, Chris and Toby stopped by a few Petland Canada stores to say hello and meet their awesome teams!

The next few days of our trip were quite busy, as Charmaine had the opportunity to provide presentations to several organizations, including McMann Family Services and the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Edmonton. We really enjoyed working with these groups, as they both share the same values as we do and sharing the importance of kindness! 

Team Toby presented at the Boys and Girls Club of Edmonton, where Toby got to meet over 20 children and teach them important values of compassion and kindness. The children loved the presentation as they cheered when Toby crashed into a pile of buckets trying to find the hidden treat labelled as ‘kindness’. 

All of the students in the two groups each committed to do an act of kindness in the next 24 hours, their commitment and pledge to making the world a better place through kindness.

 We would love for YOU to join our kindness challenge, one act of kindness for ten days (the 10 day challenge). Then, go onto our website link and upload your acts of kindness to inspire others: 

Read some of the acts of kindness here:
Thanks to Petland Canada and the generous amount of funds raised by their guests, each child was able to walk home with a copy of Toby’s book in hand. 

Want to support the Million Acts of Kindness? For less than a cup of coffee you can put a kindness book in a child's hands. Visit our kindness fundraising page and if it resonates, we welcome you to give. Your act of kindness will make a big difference! 

And of course a big shout out to all the amazing businesses and people who have made this tour possible. 

Today's blogpost written by Julie Angeletti, Team Toby

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