Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dog Sledding Anyone?

Back in the spring, Team Toby travelled all the way up to the Yukon, where Charmaine spoke at the Parent Council Association Conference. During our stay in Whitehorse, the team had the pleasure of working with Manuela from Muktuk Adventures Ltd, who took part in the Twoonies for Team Toby fundraiser, which provides Toby's Kindness books for schools. The company offers Yukon wilderness experiences, including canoeing, hiking, horseback riding in the summer and dog sledding in the winter. They also offer a cozy B&B, in an off the grid lifestyle.

We asked Manuela to share how kindness has impacted her life and her business.

“We are having over 110 Alaskan Huskies, but only 80 of them are still working, the remaining 30 dogs are our oldies, we keep our old dogs past their working time and take good care of them. They are full of stories from the trails, and every single one taught us something about ourselves along the way. We are also having about 1/3 of rescue dogs in our yard, either from the shelter or from other mushers as well as dogs we adopted from others if they did not see any fit for them. We only breed if there is no other dog looking for a home.” 

Photo Credit Muktuk Adventures
Why you chose to show kindness to Team Toby
“Because we support animal welfare in any way we can and we understand how much we can learn from dogs. Using a dog to go to schools and talk to kids is a great way of teaching.”

Planning any trips out to Whitehorse? Make sure you check out Muktuk Adventures, as they offer some amazing activities!

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Some of the programs offered at Muktuk Adventures:

  1. Rookie Ranch +2 come out and stay with us for 8 days and experience what it takes to be a dog musher. Take care of your own team of dogs, experience how friendly working dogs are, take them to bed at night if you want to (only possible if you stay in a cabin), to make the experience complete we take you out for 2 nights camping along the trails. 

  2. Cheechako Winter - for guest who want to experience more than just the dogs and don`t have as much time. It is a 4 day and 3 night stay including dog sledding, ice fishing, snowshoeing and snowmobile or horseback. Guest are still more than welcome to help our with daily chores around the lodge and with the dogs. 

  3. Cheechako Summer - a nice way to experience the beauty of the Yukon in the summer. Guest will stay with us in our B&B and be part of our family. We will take them canoeing for one day, of course there will be at least one dog joining us. We will go hiking with the dogs, and also will go horseback riding. One day is reserved to get to know all our dogs and learn about what we do summer and winter. The program is from Sunday to Friday

Our Million Acts of Kindness tour so appreciates the kindness of Muktuk Adventures and our tour partners!  Together we make a difference.


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