Monday, October 19, 2015

Taking care of your dog's teeth

The Million Acts of Kindness tour would never have been possible if it weren’t thanks to our many partners who have supported us and our mission. 

This week, Team Toby got the opportunity to connect with Robin Canuel, the owner and operator of K9 Gentle Dental, who provides gentle and effective teeth cleaning to dogs without using any medications or anesthesia. According to Robin, they aim to help pet owners stay on top of their dog's oral care needs by providing a teeth cleaning that is able to be done more frequently than the normal anesthesia method. 

Their goal is to have dogs go under anesthesia less often for their teeth and for pets have less severe dental issues throughout their lives by providing frequent cleanings and educating pet owners on how to maintain their dog’s teeth and the dangers of dental disease.
3 Tips Robin offers for dog owners:

1. Brushing dogs teeth on a daily or regular basis (at least 3 times a week) will give your dog the best chance of maintaining their oral health into their elderly years.

2. Coconut oil makes a great doggie toothpaste. Not only is it naturally antibacterial but it is also naturally anti-inflammatory and dogs love the taste!

3. Using an extra soft toothbrush, like an infant brush, will be extra gentle on your dogs sensitive gums. Slightly bleedy gums is fairly normal but if you notice excessive amount of blood when brushing please have your vet examine your dog’s mouth thoroughly at your next visit.
We asked Robin to share an act of kindness that has impacted her life, and why she chose take part in our goal to reach one million acts of kindness.

Wow what a question! We see so much kindness everyday in our profession but to name a specific moment...  We took in a little 4 pound rescue Maltese who needed serious dental surgery (among other things). The vet we work with in Steveston, BC, Little Paws Animal Clinic, took our little man in and gave us an honest rundown of our options to help the little guy in his old age (he was 15!). They provided us top notch service and medical treatment for a reduced rate. I know first hand that Dr. Martinez helps so many rescues who need vet care by offering massive discounts or free services to rescue doggies all over Vancouver. On top of all that, we found Little Man the most wonderful home with a family who took in this old doggie knowing very well that he would cost them money in vet bills and probably not be around for too long. They gave him the most amazingly loving home for his remaining time on this planet, and considering what a terrible life that little guy had endured he must have thought he had died and gone to doggie heaven! People amaze me everyday with their kindness and generosity towards animals.

It was a very simple choice to show kindness to this movement! Using animals to teach kindness and patience is an amazing tool and I felt like it had the potential for a huge impact. Kids these days are bombarded by advertising, internet and terrible role models and by introducing children to animals in an educational way can definitely better their development in so many different areas. I also very much respect the fight against bullying and love this approach to the subject.


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Thank you K9 Gental Dental for your support and the guest blog!

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