Saturday, October 17, 2015

A day in the spa from the dog's perspective....


Bark Avenue Grooming & Bath is ranked as one of Toby’s top groomers in North Vancouver. Not only is the staff PAW-some, but they share the same interest and goal as Team Toby; sharing the message of kindness.They sold our cut out paper pawprints to raise funds for putting Toby's books in local schools.

Bark Avenue Grooming & Bath provides top quality grooming services by certified groomers who also hold a certificate in pet first aid. They welcome all breeds of dogs and cats are welcome too! They even have a facility where you can wash your own and leave the mess to them! Perfect for owners who don’t have the space or resources to wash their dogs, or for getting your pup primped up in a hurry.

I Love the smell of this shampoo.  And, I am focusing on the treat on the shelf.

I am SO relaxed I can hardly keep my eyes open. 

Bark Avenue takes great pride in having a hygienic, safe and fun environment to provide the best grooming experience for your pet.
I love squeaky toys.... did I say I love them?

Just got a puppy and not sure how to approach grooming? Bark Avenue suggests you get your puppy in for their first grooming session within the first 4 months. This will help get them used to the sounds, smells and experiences of a grooming salon. They also suggest to play with your dog’s paws to help your puppy get used to getting his nails done and to being touched.

We asked Bark Avenue how kindness has impacted their business and why they chose to support Team Toby with an act of kindness of their own.  Here's what they said:

Becoming part of the Lower Lonsdale business community was daunting at first, however upon starting here, we were welcomed and understood the importance of friendship and neighborly support because our neighbors were so welcoming. This feeling inspires us to be supportive of our fellow business community and entrepreneurs and it has driven us to supporting more local businesses and giving back to our community.

Team Toby's message of kindness is perfect for young children as it teaches them to be kind and respectful of other people and animals. At Bark Avenue, we see every single day the undying support and kindness animals show to their owners and us; dogs are so unconditional in their love and Team Toby's message conveys that perfectly.
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Thank you Bark Avenue!!
I look good and smell great!!

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