Thursday, July 26, 2012

Communicating with your pet!

Gilda Radner says "I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive."  I would have to agree with Gilda,  our dog Toby was a great example of unconditional love.  From the time he woke up until the time his eyes closed for the night, Toby lived life big...a four paws up life.

Here are a couple of dog facts from Puppy love is the beginning of a lifetime affair for most dog owners.  And, A dog’s smile runs from the depth of his eyes to the tips of his tail. 

There's Toby with the smile that runs from the depth of his eyes to the tip of his tail..... :)
Have you ever wondered what your animal is thinking?  Have you ever felt like your animal really understands you? Have you felt your animal's presence after they have crossed the rainbow bridge?  I had the most interesting conversation with Reisa Mary Stone who addressed these questions and more.  Reisa helps pets create harmonious and peaceful relationships with their people through animal communication. She has the six intuitive gifts and an extensive background in animal care and training. You can find out more about Reisa at:

Reisa shared her story of how she has communicated with different animals including dogs, cats and horses. Her intuitive gift has brought many pet owners comfort during difficult times, and has helped solve different behavioural issues with the animal. Reisa also shared the many lessons that animals can teach us, such as patience, presence, persistence, and unconditional love. These were some of the beautiful lessons that our Toby taught us during his lifetime. It was an honour to be his student.
And, you can listen to me interview Reisa on PAWsitive Radio: at:

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