Sunday, July 1, 2012

Talking about dogs and books to read to children!

When you go to Amazon to order a book, or to your local bookstore, besides someone telling you “you gotta get this book!” how else do you decide what book about animals to put on your “must buy” list?

This review alone, by Beautiful Books for Children, on our book Toby The Pet Therapy Dog so far has received 729 reads!

This is great exposure, but best of all, the feedback for reviews help others make their buying decision or recommend the book to others. And, reviews also help organizations choose books that will support and further their cause. For example, Toby The Pet Therapy Dog & His Hospital Friends was the back to school recommended book by Alberta SPCA, and we were able to find sponsors to buy some of these books for the Alberta SPCA classroom programs that teach children about kindness to animals and how good it feels to help others, and the community.

Next time you buy a book, about animals or any other topic, you can help others, and the author by posting a review on Amazon, or sending it to the author. Believe me! We do appreciate it.

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