Monday, July 16, 2012

Dogs really are man’s best friend

Have you ever noticed how everything you do creates “awesome!”, “Amazing!” and worthy of a “WOW!” looks from your dog? It is as if they thing everything we do is new and most intriguing. Our dog Toby used to look at life with excitement, and everything we did seemed to generate this “wow, you are so awesome” look on his face.

At a recent meeting in a restaurant I watched a little girl about a year old taking in every single moment, much like Toby the dog did. Turning her head to noises, following people’s movement with her eyes, captivated by how they ate. Moving her eyes from their plates to her own, she looked at her food, making connections...figuring it all out...learning.

Our dog Toby was much like this it was as if every moment in life was now. Fresh. New. Exciting. Intriguing, and worth soaking up the moment.

Animals and children are experts at soaking up moments and making them matter. What are you doing to make your moments matter?

For one week, look at life through a child or dog’s eyes. Just be open. Be in the now. See what happens.

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