Friday, July 6, 2012

Dogs that inspire. Inspiration on four legs!

Dogs are the inspiration for many people.

Our dog Toby was a great inspiration to me in terms of becoming an author, playing a bigger role in philanthropy and rebranding our business. It was the same for Bruce Littlefield, his dog Wes (Westminster) was an inspiration for him. Bruce told the story of Wes putting his paw on Bruce’s lap and he asked the normal list of questions that we do when our dog paw us to be present. “Do you want to go for a walk?” Nope! “Do you want a treat?” No reaction from Wes. “Do you want to go out?” again no reaction. “Do you want me to write a book?” Wes let him know that was a big 10-4!

Bruce went on to write a book that you could read to a dog, using their favorite words, and ones that are known to a dog. Like with any awesome book, there is a lesson. The walk is always better when you go with a friend.

Like our Toby, Westminster was a rescue dog too. Bruce is a big supporter of rescue organizations, and together he and Wes have been involved in some pretty fun events, such as a dog competition where together they shared the judges table at a dog show.

How does your dog inspire you? How has your pet been a teacher for you?

Sometimes pets remind us of the most simple but important secrets to life, and success. Being present. Unconditional love. Doing what you are passionate about. Sharing our time and heart with our trusted friend. And as Bruce said, remembering that the walk is always better when it is taken with a friend.

Listen to Bruce’s interview on PAWsitive Radio here:

To find out more about Toby, and his books visit,

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