Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's a Dog's Life

PAWS for the cause!

Imagine the decision Laura Serra was faced with. Her dog Chloe was hit by a car, and required surgery and treatment totalling $10,000.

Fortunately Laura had the resources to provide Chloe with the medical and veterinarian care she needed, however, many families would not have been able to manage that. Once Chloe was nursed back to health Laura took it upon herself to help other pets and their human families facing similar challenges.

She launched Paws for the Cause, with a team of skilled , passionate and committed members with the same goal in mind. Their extensive fundraising efforts have helped organizations like the OSPCA, University of Guelph Pet Trust Fund, and the Central Toronto Veterinary Referral Clinic.

Laura just awarded a $5000 Paw for the Cause scholarship to a University of Guelph Veterinary student. Pretty impressive for an organization only three years young. This is what happens when you combine passion, opportunity and purpose! Great things happen.

Laura is a real inspiration-  she has turned a near fatal situation into her mission, and in the process she is making a PAWsitive Difference and is Saving Lives!

Her advice to individuals wanting to start a cause, is to first carve out the time needed, second, find the financial resources and the professional expertise, and then just do it!

You can listen to the radio interview here;

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