Monday, July 9, 2012

Bonding with your dog

What do you do to build trust and bond with your dog?

How about reading to your dog? Bedtime stories for dogs?

Toby, our dog, catching some ZZZZZZZZsssss

You bet! Bruce Littlefield is the author of a wildly popular book Bedtime Book for Dogs, find out more here:

I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with Bruce on PAWstivie Radio, my radio program all things pets! Bruce lives in New York and is hailed as America’s guru of fun. I had a chance to read his Bedtime Book for Dogs and found it to be a delightful read (check out the PAWsome book cover below). I know that our dog Toby would have loved this book. All his favorite words are between the covers...treat..walk...good name a few.

The lesson in the book is that some things are just much better when done with a friend! This message really resonates with Christopher and I and the Million Acts of Kindness Mission we created after our dear friend Toby passed away at the age of 10 1/2. He reminded us every day that most things were just way better when you shared them with someone you love!

Thanks Bruce for sharing your story, and for writing a wonderful and fun book for dogs to enjoy!!
Listen to the discussion between Bruce and me here:

To learn more about Toby and his books, visit

Have you ever read to your dog?  I'd love to hear about it. I know when we read to Toby it put him to sleep. 

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