Sunday, November 23, 2014

BIG kindness during Dogtopia Grand Opening

It's me again....

Toby the dog.... and I have a blog!

 We met the most pawmazing peeps and dogs at the Dogtopia Coquitlam Grand Opening on Nov 22.

Benefits of Dog  Day Care (the Toby pawspective)

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  • It's really dog PLAY care (not day care).  Benefit one is lots of play and activity.
  • Treats and lots of "good boys!" 
  • Other dogs teach you stuff!
  • You get to be a dog!  Sometimes humans forget event tho' we're their fur babies.... we are still dogs.
  • Get a break from our humans...

My friend Blizzard and his mom Laurie at the Dogtopia Coquitlam Grand Opening

Benefits of Dog Day Care (my mum's... the human.... pawspective)
  • Great socialization for your dog
  • Opportunities for your dog to learn new things from the staff and dogs
  • Your dog can be in a safe and supervised program while you are at work
  • There are lots of mental and physical activities to exercise your dog
  • Opportunity for your dog to have a different routine and something different to look forward to
Dogtopia has webcams in the playroom 
Dogtopia Coquitlam has the coolest feature!  A Play Cam.... humans can log into Dogtopia when their dog is in day care and you can watch your dog playing while you are at home or work.  How fun!

Here I am all Toby cam'd up to film our time at the Dotopia Grand Opening.

Nothing like the shots from a dog's perspective... we'll be blogging those as soon as dad downloads them.

Share your fave pics of your dog in day care or your fave daycare story on our facebook page.  

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