Friday, November 14, 2014

Grade 1 and 2 students make BIG impact through KINDNESS

 Toby the dog here.... today I am sitting in the background so we can honour some amazing students!!

They are the grades 1 and 2 class at Glen Elm Elementary school in Regina Saskatchewan.  What a great group of students!!

In October we went to their school and did a presentation during our PAWS Across Canada tour... our mission to reduce bullying and increase kindness.... we want to make a kinder world one paw one person at a time.  Look how these students are helping this kindness mission.....

Here's the letter they wrote me:

Look how these students are being leaders and change makers!

Their PAWsome acts of kindness are making a big difference!!

Here's  little video I made to say THANK YOU!!!

Their acts of kindness were so incredible, the class has received a Toby Kindness Certificate.

Thank you for inviting us to your school.  And BIG BARKS of thanks for making our world a better place!!

Thank you to our partners Petland Canada for sponsoring this presentation, and for helping us share our message of kindness to people, pets and the planet.

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