Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kindness in the grocery store

It's me...

Toby the dog... a dog with a blog....

And I am on a mission to build a kinder world...one paw...one person at a time!

Dad was reading the North Shore News the other day.

He found an article that was a great example of kindness so suggested mom write a blog. Here she is...

Our Million Acts of Kindness is our way of helping build a kinder world...one paw one person at a time.

There are so many silent heroes and ambassadors of kindness who are changing the world by simply showing up as themselves, sharing smiles and acts of kindness.  Together, those single actions ripple into a movement.

In North Vancouver, BC a 91 year old Veteran was shopping at a Save on Foods store and as the cashier was ringing through his groceries, he discovered he had left his wallet at home.  A shopper in the next isle told to his cashier and paid for his items.  What a beautiful act of kindness!

The gentleman made several attempts to get her name and address as he wanted to repay her.  He stated that "she would have none of it!"  He wrote to the newspaper to say "THANK YOU!"

It is these acts of respect and kindness that touch my heart, and we see and hear about these type of actions every single day.  I believe that together, through kindness, we can make a PAWsitive difference.  And that by sharing the stories like these, we are reminded that kindness connects people and can have a big impact of the person receiving and extending the kindness but also on all of us as we hear about stories that have made a difference.

Thank you Mark Bradwell, for sharing your story, and thank you for your courage and all you did to preserve peace and safety for us all.

Sometimes you need a hand.... and you get a paw!  Kindness...it's in you for giving... give lots!" (C. Hammond).

Please share your stories of kindness by commenting on our blog. 

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