Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Toby the Dog Goes to School

I'm back!

Toby the dog.... a dog with a blog!

I had a Barking Good Time visiting Douglas School, in Douglas, MB Canada.  This was part of our PAWS Across Canada tour. 

For a small school.... there was BIG SPIRIT!

 It was super fun to see how Douglas School values are similar to ours.

The students at Douglas Elementary school, have been involved in projects of kindness such as their Don't Pollute campaign.

In our kindness presentations, we talk about being kind to people, pets and the planet.  These students had great suggestions about kindness to the planet.... clean up after your pets, keep the playground clean, help keep the school clean, to name a few great ideas.

The Douglas School motto is Let's Fly!  I love this!

Let's fly together and make global change... the entire student body raised their hands to help me inspire a million acts of kindness around the world.  With students like this our word will definitely be a better place!  What a great future we have.

This school demonstrated such kindness with their thank you letter to me!

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Together we can make a difference!

Barking out a message of appreciation to our PAWtners on PAWS Across Canada tour.  We RUV you!

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