Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's national Bully Prevention and Awareness Week!

It's national Bully Prevention and Awareness Week!

Mom is writing this blog today as I am busy being kind and planning my next random act of kindness....

Change begins with a conversation... and a great conversation was what Caroline and I had on PAWsitive Radio.  

Caroline shared some of the many activities the Society is taking on to make a PAWsitive difference, and create safe places for students. Caroline talked about the language we used, how to start these important conversations, why conflict resolution is such a vital life skill, and, what schools and students can do to make a difference and be part of the change!

Caroline is with the Society for Safe and Caring Schools & Communities ... an organization making a big difference in the world. You can listen to our conversation here:

Creating a safe and kind workplace:

- Create an accepting culture: reduce the workplace drama, communicate with clarity, accept without judgement, and allow new employees the opportunity time and space to fit in.  

- Engagement people through communication: introduce new employees to co-workers, provide new employees with a tour, orientate them to the company and team routines and structures, give people a chance to learn, and set them up for success!

- Create a ripple of kindness: just like negativity can come through a workplace like a tidal can kindness. Seek opportunities to model kindness and see what happens next.

 At Team Toby, our approach is called BARK (don't Bite) TM

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