Friday, November 1, 2013

Stop Chasing Your Own Tail- our dogs, our friends, our teachers

Mom is interviewing a pawesome guest November 12 on PAWsitive RadioJeanne E Sexson will be talking about her website Stop Chasing Your OwnTail- our dogs, our friends, our teachers. 

Jeanne Sexson- national motivational speaker, creator of Stop Chasing Your Own Tail website and our show guest. Photo credit: JE Sexson and

They are going to barking out stories about how #dogs connect people (mom is always going on about how I connect her to so many people. I can't help it! People think I'm adorable and stop to meet me!). And I can't wait for Jeanne to share stories about the Furry 5.

Did you know that dogs can be pawsome teachers?  Look at everything I have taught my pet parents....

1) That if I look adorable with my head resting on the deck and my kong sitting close by and then I turn my head between them and the Kong guess what happens?  They come throw the Kong (after talking about how adorable I am and snapping more pictures), and then I look like this. Have I got them trained on my routine or what!

Photo Credit The

 2)  We also teach about the pawprints you leave in life.  I think everyone should show up as their best version of themselves and, make your moments matter.  Leave a big pawprint on life!

And on November 12, Jeanne will share some other great stories and lessons from dogs.  Just so you know, here's a bit about Jeanne:  Jeanne is a  national motivational speaker and author who combines her love and respect for animals and a fascination with how they respond to their experiences. She has found this gratifying to note how the quality of her life has been enhanced by the lessons they have taught, and continue to teach, her.  As a sculptor, she created the Best Friends Collection – small sculptures capturing those irresistible moments of joy when we allow ourselves to simply live in the moment and feel the unconditional love of our furry buddies.

Until next week, let's be kind to one another.

Team Toby- improving lives by teaching kindness, acceptance and respect.


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