Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's your WHY? What dogs can teach you about purpose.

Toby Jr (that's ME!).   Photo Credit: TeamToby  Photograhper: Ealanta Photography (they rock!)
What's your why?

Why do you love to do what you love to do?

I am still a pup so might be early days for knowing my why... but... I know it has to do with loving people, making them laugh, and playing fetch.  All 3 in one activity is a Toby PAWfect day!

Mom and Keith Sanderson, Max A Pooch's dad, talked about purpose (or PAWpose as I call it) on her PAWsitive Radio show. - listen here

Max A Pooch.  Photo Credit: Keith Sanderson

Max A Pooch has a PAWsome mission... he is cleaning the world. Literally!  He is a recycling dog that picks up litter too.  What a great way to teach children about care for the environment! And purpose!

Mom gave three tips to help you humans be more purposeful at work:

1) Know your company vision, values, goals and purpose. Learn it. Recite it. Post it. Live it!
2) Know what makes your teammates jazzed.  What is their why?
3) Help the team know their contribution matters and helps with the big picture...the company vision and purpose.

And I'll just add one. Have fun. Teams that have fun are more likely to be purposeful!

Can't think of something fun to do as a team?

Here's a few of my fave ideas:

a) As a team go visit the local animal shelter.
b) Go for a walk at lunch.
c) Watch a fun (and educational) video on you tube.
d) Read my book On Toby's Terms... :)

My point? Everyday Show up a little more present... a little more on purpose. The world will thank you. You'll thank yourself.

Until next week, let's be kind to one another.

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