Monday, November 4, 2013

Second Chances... not just for dogs!

A little trail of Toby Sr destruction....
the Steering Wheel redesigned by Toby Sr

Sometimes  a guy just deserves a second chance.

Yup!  That's right.. Us dogs.... and you humans.

These photos were a few of the many tails of destruction from Toby Sr. While I am not following his house wrecking habits (which mom and dad are most pleased about), I've sure done some things that were worthy of a second chance. Marked my territory on the vacuum....while mom was vacuuming. Woke mom and dad up at 4:30 am to play fetch (alot). Lost my expensive toys in the lake (how was I to know they didn't float?).

What about you?  Are you ever needing a second chance?

Mom and her guest Keith Sanderson talked about second chances on her PAWsitive Radio show. How about second chances at work? Who in your office needs a second chance?  Mom gave three tips for second chances at work:

1)  Do the Mulligan... the do over. If you messed up, apawlogize, and fix it.

2) Drop the assumptions... you know what they say about humans who assume....

3) Resolve it and let it go. That's what dogs rock at. We are in the moment. We don't carry grudges. We are good at letting things go. Follow our lead, we've got it figured out.

Toby Sr was a dog who got second chances but in doing so made mom and dad's life WAY better!
You can check out his story here: or on Amazon:


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