Thursday, November 21, 2013

Women in the Pet Industry

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Us dogs make great connectors for you humans... You are always talkin' about us and swapping pet stories. I figure there should be a place where you all can hang out, we have the dog park and offleash parks. Mom joined a group called Women in the Pet Industry Network. I'm going out to find my kong, she'll fill you in.


Charmaine here... Always nice when our dog passes the blog to me so I can have a turn writing... Shawna Schuh is a CSP professional speaker and leads the Women in the Pet Industry Network, which is the only cross category network serving all levels and types of pet professionals in the world. 

Their members are everyone from pet product manufacturers to pet sitters, groomers, authors and pet loss experts and retailers.  They represent all kinds of animals and all types of people so the network realty is a diverse, interesting, supportive and fun network.  WIPIN’s philosophies are to grow (ourselves and each other and the network), to give to each other, which is the focus our pets teach us, and to connect in various ways for mutual benefit.

Building a strong business is one of the themes Shawna sees in members, as well as the desire to be connected to others in the same industry but in different niches.  The network has annual events, learning opportunities for members, and an extremely active group on facebook. Members also receive a member profile page, here is an example..     

I have found that there is an incredible amount of information shared about events that are taking place around the world such as pet expos, blogger conferences,  and offers connections to other associations in the animal world.

I'm back, no one to play fetch with, so I come inside to get mom.   You can listen to mom's conversation with Shawna on November 26 on PAWsitive Radio

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