Friday, November 22, 2013

Wise Words about Bully Prevention from an 8 Year Old Author


Cheer someone up if they are feeling down.

Listen to people.

These were three PAWsitive tips that Hannah, age 8, shared on PAWsitive Radio during Bully Prevention Week!

Not only did Hannah offer great advice about how to reduce bullying, be a good friend, and, create more kindness in the world, she is an author! That's right. The Loving Tree is Hannah's newly released book and is available at .

We also had the opportunity to speak with Sean, Hannah's mom, who shared some sage advice for families. Sean reminded listeners of the importance of modelling unconditional love and acceptance, having family meetings to keep the lines of communication open, and, to do a family report card!  What a spectacular idea.

You can listen to the conversation with Hannah and Sean on PAWsitive Radio

Until next time,,,, let's be kind to one another!

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