Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Do Dog’s Go To Heaven?

Toby the dog here....welcome to my PAWsitive Dog Blog.
Mom interviewed Jean Holmes, author, on PAWsitive Radio.  Jean was surrounded by animals as a child. Her father was a veterinarian and her mom raised Pedigree Doxens. They also had cows, ducks, chickens geese and a pet crow. Jean’s mom started asking Ministers if dogs go to heaven. She got a variety of different answers, which inspired Jean to research and explore this question further.

 Turning to the bible Jean starting researching and writing, which turned into her book, Do Dogs Go To Heaven, which is now in its second edition.  

 Jean also shared some of the wonderful lessons us dogs teach you humans. Lessons like:
- Healthy boundaries
- Unconditional love and acceptance
- Forgiveness
- Patience

You can check out Jean's book by clicking on the book cover above.
And, you can listen to her and mom talking on PAWsitive Radio at:

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